Volunteer Opportunities

MDBA depends on volunteers to chair, co-chair, or to be a member of a committee! In fact, as an MDBA member, you are expected to help out. Below are some volunteer opportunities for you to get involved in empowering the Minnesota DeafBlind community. To learn about more volunteer opportunities, or to suggest a way you would like to get involved, please contact MDBA President, Debbie Lentz, at debbie.lentz48@gmail.com.

Please note that up to three volunteers for each committee is preferred and you can volunteer for more than one committee.


The MDBA Annual Summer Social event may be a picnic or some other social that commemorates Helen Keller who is a famous deafblind person. Volunteers are needed to plan, put up signs, set up, coordinate games, help with food and clean up.


Our Thanksgiving Banquet happens every November. Email us at mdba@visi.com if you have items to donate or have questions about the Silent Auction. Thanks!


Every January MDBA holds elections for Board of Directors and trustees positions. The president convens this committee in the fall to prepare for and run the elections in January.


In addition to the Silent Auction during the Thanksgiving Banquet, MDBA needs to make a strong effort to continue other fundraising activities that help us keep alive financially. Some ideas include raffles, car washes, bake sales, bagging groceries and grant writing. If you have other ideas for ways to help MDBA, email the board at MDBA1979@gmail.com


Visit local businesses (ask your friends to come along – like a fun scavenger hunt!) and invite them to donate a product or service to our annual Thanksgiving Banquet Silent Auction fundraiser. Here are some examples to get you started:

•gift certificates — for taxi rides, groceries, clothing, accessible technology, restaurant meals, or professional services – such as therapeutic massage, plumbing services, snow shoveling, etc.

•tickets — to concerts, museums, sporting events, etc.

•items that the lucky bidder gets to take home — artwork, furniture, baked goods*, books, quilts, toys, handmade crafts, and other gift items.

•* Note for baked goods: Please bring whole, handmade baked goods – bread, pie, cake, etc. – No cut up pieces, please. It would be nice if you wrap it up with a bow on top. We would like for you to include a label that describes what kind of baked good it is.

•Our Thanksgiving Banquet happens every November. Email us at mdba@visi.com if you have items to donate or have questions about the Silent Auction. THANKS!


Provide transportation for a DeafBlind person to or from an MDBA event or workshop. You can volunteer to drive on a specific day, or sign up on our Volunteer Drivers list so that we may contact you when needed. Sign language skills are not required.


Assist a DeafBlind person at an MDBA event: guiding, providing information about the environment, meals, communication. Your one-on-one work will allow a DeafBlind person to participate fully in an MDBA event or other activity. Tell us about your availability to act as an SSP. Communication skills requirements depend on the DeafBlind person you may work with (DeafBlind people use a variety of communication methods).


Interpreting services are crucial to the DeafBlind community, and make up one of MDBA’s largest budgeted expenses. If you have some sign language interpreting experience and would like to donate your services for any event or amount of time, please let us know. Our interpreter coordinator can contact you to discuss your involvement.