Heart of the DeafBlind Community

As the only organization serving DeafBlind people in Minnesota that is governed by DeafBlind people, MDBA is a focal point of the Minnesota DeafBlind community. MDBA’s DeafBlind leadership meetings, community workshops and special events allow DeafBlind people to thrive and flourish in a kinship of support and solidarity. Established in 1979, MDBA is committed to providing information, education, advocacy and other services to persons who are DeafBlind, family members, parents of deafblind children, allies and professionals.

By providing programs and services geared toward increasing self-reliance, MDBA has been key in assisting people who are DeafBlind and their families regaining and maintaining personal independence and healthy interdependence. MDBA is also an invaluable source of information to the public about DeafBlindness and related issues.

Membership is open to anyone – deafblind, deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, sighted, blind, consumers, family members, professionals. Everyone is welcome to join!

To learn more about DeafBlindness and DeafBlind people, go to